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“SAFE – – – !” a poem, a.k.a.: “How Safe Can IT BE If Even THE WORD Gets Blocked By The Major Social Medias!?” 07/27/2019 (Saturday)

Safe – – – ! (pause) It’s done – with THIS AMAZING LOOKING THING;

Sort of like: cellophane wrap – with a p – – – – ring!

It’s-called: “SAFE- —,” ’cause it keeps the skin,

From making contact! So, NO-GERMS’ L L- BE-GETTING-IN!

And: IT keeps the fluids – from spilling over,

So there are no little babies – and no – mommy’s-romping-in-The-Clover!

It’s called: “SAFE- —,” for each and every reason,

BUT-I-THINK – THE SAFEST – – – – – is more about pleasin” !

More-about pleasin’-your-partner in E-VER-Y way,

With skin-to-skin contact! and – “trading-D. N. A.!”

The “safest?” IS MAYBE – when-you WANT to-share,

EVERYTHING! and-you’re-ready-to-die-right-there,

For – YOU WANT every dis-ease,

That-your-partner-has! You-know, you-just-wanna-please,

His-or-Her-every-whim! Isn’t that kind-of-a “safe” thing to do?

IF YOUR LOVE, If: your-love is-really-true!?

So, THE SAFEST (the-safest) – – – you can really ever enjoy,

Is: When-you-feel-safe, committing-to-a-particular-girl-or-boy!

fin β™₯

Postscript: Anyway, this Post came out – AND EVERYONE THREW AWAY,

Their condoms-&-creams-&-salves TODAY,


EVERYONE DIED! from V. D.! – and/or “The Creeping Crawl!”

So-there-we-all-are – sitting-in-Heaven-or-He — – or Pur gatory,

Basking! in (for lack of a better term, I guess) “The Twilight Glory,”

And The Lord approached, with a package of “rubbers,”

“We practice safe – – – here, you Bloody Land Lubbers!”

And we all replied: “We’re allergic to THOSE;

We-like A[h]U Naturel!” So, The-Lord-said: “Well! OK! Then-I-suppose,

We should just use these as whether(sp) balloons?!

Or we could INFLATE THEM REAL BIG – and float to distant MOONS!!!”

“Yeah, whatever, LORD,” we said with glee,

As we mangled – in a sensual, luscious OH! Oh!-o-r GEE!*

&-The-Lord said: “Hey, this’s-fun-I-forgot-that-‘non-rubber’- s – x -‘s-a-pretty-good-deal;

It’s REALLY HEAVENLY, isn’t-it? when you can stroke-a-lot – AND FEEL!”

  • – Obviously!! We here at The Mystic Poet lean in the direction of monogamous relationships, so you should know that we really WERE NOT engaging in (technically) a “real” orgy! It was more like a “Stick To Your Safe Partner, Georgie-Porgy-Orgy!” You know – like they have in China! or ah Wherever! πŸ™‚ – I wanna go to WHEREVER!

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