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“SAFE PHONE CALLS!” a poem August 14, 2019 (Wednesday)

The phone is “safe,” so why not have,

A LIFE ON-A-PHONE? on-phones, instead,

Of lives of-touch-and-tears-with-shoulders-bare?

A phone is safe; a phone don’t care!

And “the-other” might-abuse the-phy-s i-cal,

No-problem! On-phones, just-do-[the]-musi-cal,

Rendition(s) of a silent movie;

It’s SAFE on phones, safely groovy!

There’s no reason, then, to take next steps,

Or-to co-exist! or do “10 reps,”

Of Honey, laying in-your-lap;

Phones – can-be-anywhere – on the-map!

And phones are sterile, so you need never drip,

Upon your lover’s gentle lip!

You need not take chances if-you just use the phone!

You-can-REALLY just (you-know) be-alone!

So, you can chat-if-you-want – or-simply dis-appear,

And YUCK! I can’t stand that nasty, salty tear!

The one(s) you’ll never have to know, My Dear!

Who cares about salt? I’m-just happy to peer,

At-you occasionally – and-exist on words,

Bouncing around in my ears! and -there-will-never-be-turds!

Or-your fresh blood, dripping from a rose bud’s prick,

And I-don’t have-to-“wait-on-you” when you’re sick!

I can just say: “Sorry! Wish I was there!

Kind-of,” as-you blankly stare,

Into your phone and-say: “I-really-DO like,

To-be quite distant! and hugs might spike,

My blood pressure! Gosh, that could-be bad!”


So, “Hi there, Friend, how are you?” Phone romances! They’re-always-new!

By ace101

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