Saddest of time ~ Summer Time sealed with a kiss 💦

“RIGHTEOUS!” a poem June 16, 2019 (Sunday)

Go ve – gan! No foot-print!* If-NO-an-i-mal-food! (pause) no-stint?**

Drink flaxmilk! GOOD – karma! BE RIGHT-EOUS! What-about-Big-Pharma?

Pharma’s-karma? is-it-growing? Because we-are -all-knowing,

That-they – poisoned-us AND-led-us-in, To: “The-Unholy” with-[their]-me-di-SIN!?

Yet, I just don’t-believe-in-karma, So-I’m-sure Pharma’s-long-arm-a,

Will-take most of-our-money, ‘Cause they-think it’s-very-funny,

To-provide-“vitamins”***- for-the “sick-ones,” Like: ve-e-gans – and A “I” D sons!

We live in-a-jungle – And-food-“chains”-start-with fungal,

In-fections – and-dysentery! This LIFE is-so-bloody-MERRY!

As-I tenderly na-vi-gate, Down The-Street, amidst-love-and-hate,

I stepped on-“a little-be-ing!” MY FOOTPRINT!!!! I’m see-ing!

Here’s-to-Phil-o-sophy – and-karma! I-think [that] MY-fav’rite-dharma,

Is-to-say: “India! is-just-fine, But-their-PHILOSOPHIES!!! are-outta-line!

It appears -that-spiritual!-and-religious, May-not BE too delicious!

And with-pride! and-with gree-ee-d, I doubt that-really! a righteous-deed,

Can-really ever be found, But! to-NO-H – LL are-you-bound!

So, probably-a-little-Chocolate-MILK, Will-always taste-better than [soy-based] Silk,

AND – You-gotta-eat some-thing, Or-Death-Tolls might-soon-ring!

So, do the best – that you can; We’re all s – – – – ed! Face [book] -it, man!

I cried – and-then An-Angel-Child, APPEARED! and-She-was very mild,

But, then-I-noticed, she ate roast beef, &-also-said: “Beware-of-tainted-spinach-leaf!”

“What’ll I do-do?” I-asked her, hurr “Just s – – – – me! Yeah! ” she-did purr!

And, afterward[s], we smoked “a joint!” She-exclaimed: “NO-GOD gets-The-Point!”

SHE sealed me, with An-Angel-Kiss, &-said: “No-worries – is-RIGHT-EOUSNESS!”

fin <3

  • – Carbon Footprint: the level of carbon compounds cast off because of the use of fossil fuel by a particular individual!

** – Vegans swear up and down, IF you do a strict vegan diet [although it might kill you in other ways] it will NOT ever allow you to have a heart attack or stroke! I don’t know if that is true! Don’t ask me! [I understand vegan deaths by Mack Truck collision are at an all-time high! JUST kidding! Vegans are GREAT! I love vegans! vegetarians! meat-eaters! and angels . . . ]

*** – a new term to replace drugs, medication, pharmaceuticals, pills, remedies, medicinals, potions, tonics and/or medicine! It will make the swallowing easier, OK?