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Ruhi Dagdanasar, 50 was sentenced to at least 16 years behind bars for kidnapping, drugging and gang raping an 18 year old girl.

We at FACAA get a lot of stories of remorseless rapists but this guy and his mates are right up there with the worst ! To say they showed little remorse for their crime is an understatement. The fact is they still believe the 18 year old girl WANTED TO BE GANG RAPED BY 3 MEN SHE DID NOT KNOW !

Toxicology reports found 25 times a normal dosage of the date-rape drug, GHB in her system which was given to her in spiked drinks, plus methamphetamine that she had been forced to smoke. The pipe was held to her mouth as she was drooling and incapable of lifting her head. The young girl would have been rendered incapable of moving, let alone consenting.

Two men convicted over the gang rape of a teenage girl, who was held captive for 12 -14 hours and forced to take drugs, have both been sentenced to more than 20 years behind bars. Ruhi Dagdanasar, 50, and a second man, 39, – who can’t be named – were sentenced to a maximum 24 and 26 years behind bars on Friday for the 2017 rape.

The 18-year-old girl had been waiting for an Uber at Auburn railway station after leaving a high school formal after-party, when she was lured into the wrong car by a man in the early hours of the morning. The man allegedly sexually assaulted her and then drove her more than 20km to a home in Glenwood where her convicted attackers were waiting.

Over 12 hours, the teen was gang-raped seven times.
The young woman had to sit through 5 days of evidence including videos of the “vile and degrading” rapes. Videos taken by the rapists, on their mobile phones, and tendered by them as evidence that it was consensual sex. This was rejected by the jury.

In the NSW District Court on Friday, the judge described the ordeal as “an undoubtedly horrifying experience” before sentencing the two convicted rapists. Dagdanasar, 50, was sentenced to 24 years in jail, with a non-parole period of 16 years. The other man, 39, who can’t be identified, received 26 years jail with a non-parole period of 18 years.

We have absolutely no clue why his accomplice, who was named earlier, cannot now be named or why Dagdanasar is the only one of the trio who can be named.
The 3rd ‘man’ is still on the run, living as a free man in Turkey according to msn .com.

When Dagdanasar’s accomplice was in court he tried to tell the judge that the girl “clearly wanted” the rape. He even went so far as to say “she was 18, it was her formal night and she was there to party.” They gave her 25 times the normal dose of GHB in spiked drinks and methamphetamine they forced her to smoke. There would have been no possible way she could have given consent, let alone agreed to the horrendous sexual acts she endured.

For the record if you have to give someone 25 times the normal dose of GHB date rape drug, they are not ‘into you’, they are not looking to ‘party’, you are committing RAPE !

We are happy to hear that rapists are finally being given a decent sentence, 24 and 26 years maximum, with 16 and 18 years minimum, however we can’t help but think that is more likely due to Dagdanasars 11 page long criminal record and his co-accuseds criminal record spanning 22 pages, than a turn around in the way our legal system is viewing rape.

We believe all judges should hand down sentences like these whenever a child is raped.

Our judges have the power to hand down sentences of up to 25 years and yet they constantly hand out pathetic slaps on the wrist.

Every sentence of child rape should be at least as tough as this one!

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