Rocket Science and Technology Evaluation </strong>😜😆🤪

Rocket Science and Technology Evaluation 😜😆🤪

“IS IT REALLY – TRUE LOVE?” a poem a.k.a.: “The Epoxy of Love!” 5 August 2019 (Monday)

NOT “rocket science!” a simple “chemistry lesson!”

EPOXY! is: (1) a hardener! (2) with a little resin!

Mix them together, and the bond is set;

The same is TRUE, you can bet,

If boy meets girl, and boy falls in,

And girl falls too! It-is-then-quite proper, not a-sin!

It is then: an equation! Hardener Boy + Resinous Gal;

THAT’S IT! That’s the lesson; it’s all I can tell,


The REAL chances of such a two-way connection,

Are-at-least-a-million-to-one! I-ain’t-exaggerating, but-there-CAN-BE-“selection!”

SELECTION: is getting together for a family or to scratch an itch,

Before moving right on – or, perhaps, to get rich,

But: LOVE ONE + LOVE TWO, for “love’s sake” alone,

Is next-to-impossible! You can tie a millstone,

Around-my-neck-if-I’ve-lied, but I ain’t, so there!

TRUE LOVE! What a thing! Miraculous! and-Fair!

fin <3

How CAN YOU? tell-if-you’re-really in-LOVE with-HER?

Just ask JACK! He’ll have to concur!

And how will you know, my pretty lass?

Well, girls-don’t-need-me – for-every-woman-has,

Build-in radar, unlike poor guys,

That she uses WITH EASE! That’s why she cries!

For, SHE KNOWS – which guy’s for her,

But the right guy seldom bites – on “the right girlie lure!”

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