Red ~

Red walked the woods daily. Each day she would disappear into the forest and wouldn’t exit until the eve of that day. The villagers assumed she was heading to gramma’s house. The wolf, who was seen as a natural enemy of the young girl, watched her daily. Something was different about her. He would never harm a young girl, nor would he try to scare her. The rumours came from an attempt on his life and spread like wildfire through the village. One day red was walking the path, and the wolf decided to follow her. He was nervous; something was out of place, but he couldn’t figure out what. Creeping up behind her, he noticed a bright light appear from the sky. He hid behind the bush and watched as red walked directly into it. Her body lit up, and the light swirled around her, it almost looked like a rainbow. When she stepped out from within the brightness, she was no longer the young girl they saw her as. She stood six foot her eyes as red as her cape, her skin was covered in scales, and she stood in the middle of others who looked the same. Red was an alien, the wolf sat in shock. He wanted to run and warn the village, but he knew she would be shot insight. For now, that would have to be his and reds secret. The town would have to take whatever was to come their way.

By ace101

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