Prude~ Goofy people 😁

“DON’ ASK ME!’ a poem July 8, 2019 [Moon DAY]

I don’-know nuthin’-’bout nuthin’ – I-jus’ goofy n-som’times-dey-tell-me: LEWD!

Who-ya-know-knows-much-o’ an’thing? I’-comfy-jus’ bein’-a-prude!

So, if-ya come for my advice, I’m sure-t’ – of-fa tea,

Ah hopeful we-can sit-right-down – and-sing some ha’ -moe – knee!

I don’-know ’bout nuthin’, so lemme a-pa-loe-gize,

Before we-get-much-further, ’cause-ders silly-hope in-you’-eyes!

IF you-be lookin’ fo’-answers, I-ain’t got non-of-dem here,

But, if you wan’-a-little com-fort I-try-t’-give-ya-a-little, ma Dear!

I don’-know ’bout nuthin’, but-AH-THINK lots-o’-people seek,

An’-if-ya-wanna-look in-to-me-Heart I-give-ya-eyes-a-peek:

An’-I-don’ know what’s-in-der! Ah-neva-looked-me-self!

‘Cause I don’t got-much-ad-venture! I-sleep up-on ma shelf!

Yeah, I-sleep-der with-the books-n-things – or sometimes on the desk,

Jus’ tryin’-to-stay – outta-people’s-hair so-ah won’t-b’ a-big-ol’ pest!

I don’-know ’bout nuthin’, but AH-THINK-ya-pret-ty “cool!”

An’-I-love ALL-a about you, an’ I don’-care-much-fo’-school,

BUT-ah’d-sure attend if Ah could sit – in-the-chair-that’s next to you,

‘Cause you’ so-cute an’ ya-smell real-nice! So, I-like-to-be-close, I-DO!

I don’ know ’bout nuthin’ – so I hope ya-aren’t-now-sad,

I-could-lay-m’-little-head-upon-ya-shoulda! Maybe-then, ya-won’t-feel-too-bad!

fin <3

    By ace101

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