My daughter’s story: Pinocchio or a manipulator? 👃😳

i believed in Pinocchio since i was a child now to find out it was about telling fibs im shattered 😔😔

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡 There lives a tiny little Pinocchio in all of us 👃. For example if …

There lives a tiny little Pinocchio in all of us 👃. For example if someone ask you “how you are” and you actually don’t feel very well, but still says “I’m okay”. Isn’t that a tiny, but innocent lie? Or if someone ask you about their dress, a dress they like, but you don’t like it, but still you tell this person that it is a nice dress. Because you don’t want to hurt this person.

It’s many reasons for why we choose to take a tiny, innocent lie in different situations, and during the day. Many times it’s because we feel a need to “protect” our self, or that “all and everyone” doesn’t need to know “all and everything” about us. Or we don’t want to hurt someone else and want to actually protect them.

There are white lies, grey lies and black lies. And we all in general take a tiny little lies during the day even when we actually don’t notice it. It’s in the human nature- like it or not. 

But,- I will not write either a possible dissertation on lying , or Pinocchio.  But lies are a part of us, a little innocent Pinocchio lives in all of us – every day.

And must of us know Pinocchio. The story about this tiny little tree doll, and his famous nose that grows when he lies. 

An ancient story that is as useful today as when it was written in 1883. There are different ways to both understand, interpret and use the story of Pinocchio.

A story used in relation to upbringing, and also what different consequences bad behavior can lead to.

It’s a good story, at least I like the story and when I did “caught” me kids in lying when they was younger I told them that they did “took a tiny Pinocchio”. And when I take a tiny little lie my self,- I also admit I take a tiny Pinocchio. 

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