How many times do we dwell on the past

It can be really toxic because it keeps you from moving forward

I love this quote because it emphasizes the need to learn from the past🙆‍♀️


I think this is encouraging us to stop hanging onto
the past💁‍♀️

To stop living in the past

And to get more focused on the present and the future🙌

Living in the past blocks us from trying new things

If we want what was🤔

We will do what we did

A lot of this is subconscious🤦‍♀️

Our human tendencies are to cherish our routines

And gravitate toward the familiar🤷‍♀️

Not a bad thing

Unless it keeps you from moving forward👊

I’m curious as to what you think about this

Agree❓ Disagree❓

The past is a place of reference

Not a place of residence🤔

The past is a place of learning

Not a place of living

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