Pandora ~mobile Device ❓

“PANDORA’S BOX GOT NOTHIN’ ON US!” a poem Tuesday: June 18, 2019

What-an-interesting-box-you-have-devised! It-screams-with-pain-&-longing!

It URGES you, with screams SO TRUE that to-IT-you-are-belonging!

“ANSWER ME,” not quiet-ly, IT bellows, day and night;

It-will wake-you-up at 3 A M; it-will-scrape-and-wail-and-fight,

To get-you-to-respond! Is-it-FILLED with-many devils?

Nostradamus-remembers: (pause) Nations! (pause) It levels!

It’s – Lara-Croft’s “Pandora’s Box!”

It’ll “steal-you-blind!” and-“Knock-off-your-socks!”


With bells and whistles, But, really-only-THISTLES,

In a “hedge-from-H – L L,” with thorn-y daggers,

That wish to-catch all un-assuming beggars,

AND courageous knights – as-well-as-Prince-Charming;

THIS PANDORA’S BOX is-always-“alarming,”

But it’s-MAINLY-“ALLURING” – and -wanting-To-Speak;

The “Telly (mobile) Phone!” It’s at-“its-peak!”

fin <3

However what’s your thoughts on Mobile devices. Do they add to your life or enhance your life

How many times do you turn of your device in 12 hours⁉️

{We used to call ’em “walkie-talkies;” now, they’re-“cell” or-“mobile,”

Controlling life – here and there – ma-nipulating The-Global!}