Overwhelmed –

“OVERWHELMED!” a poem a.k.a.: “Prayer For Release!” June 24, 2019 (Monday) May WAS “Mental Health Month 2019;” however, here is something to shift you into June, which is: “Men’s Health Month 2019!” (I can’t make this stuff up!)

Well, it’s SUNDAY! and -“Evil Spirits” have-invaded THE Church!

Therapists-need-not-attend, for they’re-on-their-“perch,”

Squawking like birds, saying: “There-ain’t-no-evil-en-tities,

For this might detract from our PROFESSIONAL AMENITIES!

Instead, the CONDITIONS that affect our CLIENTS,

Are bio-chemical aberrations, treatable with COMPLIANCE!

Just take these pills, you’ll feel better!

EVIL SPIRITS? [from-a bygone age!] Cast-off-every-fetter!”

Well, I THINK – Whatever you call these conditions,

Whether “evil spirits,” aberrations or “personality additions,”*

Amounts to NOTHING! for-these-“terms” are-just-words-people-use,

To describe mental-hurting-and-suffering! There’s nothing to lose!

And-there’s-nothing-to-gain, from squabbling about terms!

You-might-as-well-say: “My brain has worms!”

Whatever-your-description, PEACE-OF-MIND-doth-calm-the-soul;

WORRY and ANGER can take their toll!

“Evil spirits” Modern-Christians might, of course, call,

Those-symptoms that-seem-to-cause-many to-“take-a-fall,”

And-suffer ANXIETY, another “spirit?”

Sometimes-mental-health-practitioners – don’t-wanna-hear-it,

That: Diseases of Mind and “spirits” coincide;

Whatever you call them, it’s a terrible ride,

For-it’s “next to impossible” – to heal emotions,

E – SPECIAL – ly-with-pills, therapies-and-other-“special-notions!”


To help restore? “Right Mind” and calm!

This prayer’s for all who suffer here,

A Prayer For Release, which-might deal with FEAR,


“I-wish-for-Your-Freedom – from FALSEHOOD and STRESS!”

The Key Points here? Have FAITH! and FORGIVE,

So, in-This-Crazy-World – You-might-once-again live!

fin <3

There is a way back ,
one day it just clicks- you realise what’s important and what isn’t. You learn to care less about what other folk think about you and more about yourself. You realise how far you have come and remember when you thought things were such a mess that you were never going to recover and then you found something to smile about and you fought through the glass bottle to reach out until little pieces fitted back together to love everything about yourself. Oh sure, the journey is rocky, and how you struggled to stay afloat and you remember how you doubted yourself and others . That’s okay to, doubt is growing up to be the best you. Doubt is healing and healthy, searching for the future. And, oh yes, we all need each other to hug. Broken Souls can heal and be the most healthy individuals and healers on earth. Be grateful, be proud of who you are today. Use your knowledge to share your journey to show others how to live the best you.@bestofnatureblog
  • – like schizophrenia!
Nothing in life is what it seems, Professor. This so-called tiny Hummingbird is a graphics created with tiny pieces of paper. Related to your post. Reality is truly hidden by that so-called health Pro supplying medication to help the reach get richer or egotistical ideals that’s why folk never recover – Editor @mdavis
Nothing in life is what it seems – Mystic Poet