One For Zombie 🧟‍♂️ has been banned 32 Countries ( read only for the Very cool mind) warning ⚠️©

ONE FOR THE ZOMBIES: [banned in thirty-two countries and whirled wide!]

“The ABC’s Of Making Love With Zombies!” a poem a.k.a.: “Dead Folks Need Love Too!” June 7, 2019 {Friday}

A. Annabel Lee* is-a rotting in The Grave;

NECK-er-OH!-phil-ia!! That’s what I crave!

I would do-IT! I’d-“neck” with-her, [although-I-know-it’s-unwise,]

But I just can’t resist – the pus! oozing out [of] her eyes!

And the cool, rotten smell – makes me feel SO WELL!

I-just-love-her-“dead-love!” She-hails from H – L L!

You-know, the more we met, the fresher** SHE got,

Until [Heaven forbid!] Her temperature grew HOT;

She started to smell – like a girl I once knew,

Way back in high school! and now she can do:



She had us – two daughters! and! a son;

Yeah! They’re-all-zombies, but we’re-still-havin’-a-lot-of-fun!

B. Betty! I LOVE BETTY! Let’s go: “beddy bye!”

I like “betty-bye-bye-time,” but last week She did DIE!

She’s the sister of the girl known as Annabel Lee,*

There’s a lot of death in that family, but I’m sure you would agree:

Those zombie girls are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, and, they might be ghouls,

But they enjoy coitus-uninterruptus forever after – because They’re bloody fools!

‘Cause, when it comes to bad lovin’, they simply can not stop,

And I notice after a while, these girls tend to POP!!!!

But it’s NOT-a-“bang”-that-goes-off! It’s-their-whole-dang-“frame!”

Their bodies (like) EXPLODE! Too much excitement (I guess) – is to blame!

C. Candy! Candy! She’s rottin’ – and she’ll rot,

My teeth, my flesh, my entire being – ’cause Candy’s SUPER hot!

When we enjoy each others’ com-pany, the sugar sweet of her,

Makes-me-moan-and-shake, and her hair-is-more-like-fur!

Than ordinary strands or locks! I like to rub it hard,


“Oh, Lover Boy, you’ve marred,

Another section of my body!” So, there’s less and less Candy to touch!!!!!!

Perhaps, before very long, I’ll be enjoying – NOT SO VERY MUCH,

CANDY! And! I’LL REALLY MISS HER, as-with-each-sweet-&-yummy-bite,

She’ll be absorbed into me! and I’ll be alone!!

Dreaming of HER!

Each SWEET! and-sour NIGHT! 🙁 – Candy! Wherefore art thou, Candy!

fin <3©

  • – with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe

** – I suggested she rename herself “FRESCA!” She said: “That’s stupid!” I said: “Thank you!” Then, she broke off a dangling finger and threw it at me! That’s her way of showing how much she loves me! (smile!) I AM the happiest zombie lover in the world! Yay!©🧟‍♂️

By ace101

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