Oh my, what next 🤪

“THE WAY!” a poem for Wednesday, June 12, 2019, inspired by a recent “tele-marketing” call! or . . . Was it from “GOD?”

“You’re gonna lose – your IP Address – AND all your contacts;

Your identity-will-be compromised, and you’ll be-subject to attacks,

On your phones, computers – even your TV;

It’ll ALL CRASH, unless you speak with ME!

IF you don’t, AND – if you don’t buy OUR GEAR,

Ok, so what will we do without Whats App

And give us ALL your numbers, you will have SUCH FEAR,

As you’ve [n]EVER experienced! And, if-you-hang-up, YOU WILL DIE!”

Man, about this time, I began to cry!

“YES! and Yes,” I said; “whatever you want,

You can have it from me! I’m-such-a-computer-RUNT,

And my life is compromised,

And I am SO despised!


You’re MY SAVIOR! Thanks for the call!”

As I hung up the phone – and pulled the cord –

And smashed the mobile and all devices, I said, “Please, Lord,

Guide and protect me – with your Holy Spirit;

Please show me THE WAY – Tell me; I wanna hear-it!

So, I WAITED – to see if “God” could make my life NOT SUCH A MESS,

And A Still, Small Voice said: “You’re gonna lose your IP Address!”

fin <3 🙂 – Amen!

And then what happened 🤪
Mmmm mmm let’s run away to Venus 🔥 to hot for us kids

By ace101

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