Oh, and here they come to get us🤪

“NEIGHBORS! THEY’RE NEW!” a poem 27 August 2019 (Tuesday)

New neighbors, baby! They’re MOVIN’ I(eeee!)N!

They look pretty nice, but they could be mean!

New neighbors! Yeah! You never know what you’ll get;

They could make us, after all – to worry a lot and fret!

They’re puttin’ up A NEW ROOF! It’s going to be vi-o-LET;

They MAY turn out to be ASSASSINS! Assassins, y’-BET,

Like “Trinity!” or “Red Sonya,”

Or “Xena,” The-Warrior-Princess! of “E – lec – t-ra!”

We’re probably gonna die, even though we’ve been here for a while!

NEW NEIGHBORS! Oh, GOD! It’s “D” for “death!” Let’s dial,

The phone – ’cause we’d better catch a ship – going to BermuDA,

Before it’s too late! We can, maybe, do a variation on the hula-huLA!

We’ll sip lemonade and dreams of our neighbors torching our house,

But we’ll not be in it (Ha, ha!) They’ll probably just think we’re quiet as a mouse!

O. M. G.! HERE THEY COME, knocking on our door; they open and enter!


Whew! Turns out that they work at A Travel Center,

And they can get us some nice discounts on Bermuda tickets!!

We’ll probably go to Bermuda, and, on the ship, come down with rickets,

And die! MISERABLE DEATHS! and our new neighbors will buy our home!

NEIGHBORS! NEW NEIGHBORS! This could be my last poem!

fin ♥

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