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Chelsea Nursing Home


Torment of grandmother in crisis care home, 89 year old given just weeks to live pleads ‘I’m starving’ as she begs for food on camera.

Edna Slann was a resident at crisis-hit care home Grantley Court in Sutton.
The 89-year-old has been given weeks to life after contracting an infection.
Grantley Court was evacuated last year amid fears over care standards.

In harrowing footage, Mrs Slann is filmed begging for food before leaving
The video has been shared by her family as police investigate the home.

The Mail reported yesterday that a ten-week stay at Grantley Court left her bruised, malnourished and with an infection that doctors say will kill her in weeks.

Unfortunately this is the only information I could find on the care home in Sutton and I’m so glad it’s now been closed due to staff not taking care of the residents!

I hope the woman is still alive and well looked after.


An easy explore, easy access, I have now heard the building no longer has access due to more vandalism!
Beautiful care home although squatters have been inside and set up a weed farm in multiple rooms on the second floor, luckily they were no longer there when we explored the care home.
Walking through the building taking plenty of pictures, we came across private documents, personal information such as bank details, address’ and national insurance numbers etc were all left for explorers to see.
The building was large with multiple bedrooms and multiple living areas, it was dark and gloomy in areas which I can imagine makes the explore at night time very eerie, never seeing a weed farm before I didn’t know what all the cable ties on the walls were for until someone explained on my Facebook live which amazed me.
Fingers crossed I can go back and the access will be easy for another explore!

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