“SHE!’ a poem about: AFTER The Musical “Nunsense!” July 15, 2019 (Monday)

As-we-left-Sul-Ross’-PLAY-ground, a-spectator-commented-there:

“THAT! WAS- SUCH-NUNSENSE, [for] – BOTULISM*-would-never-dare,

To-take-any-of-OUR-NUNS! For, she-was-Catholic, with FAITH-T’-SPARE!

[I overheard this comment, AS NUNS PO(o)URED-out-into-The-SUL-try-Evening-Air!]

It seems-as-if the girls (THE GIRLS! – from the Play)

Had undressed! (and-were-coming-to-greet-us!**) LET-US PRAY:

“Lord, Oh-Lord – of Heaven above,

How-can-such-“pigeons” exist-[with]in-Your-Love?”

Well, one-of-The-[XXX]-Nuns-heard-this, and-grabbed-me-by-the-arm!

“Are you The Origami Fellow?”** I-reeled! with-such-alarm,

Before-answering: “Yes, Sister! ‘Twas me!”

“Well, I declare: MIGHT’N-THERE-EVER-BE A-OUI,

In-all-this-World? That might-include – us-TWO?”

“O. M. G.!” I thought! THIS! was THE-GIRL I’d-been alerted-to,

AVOID! Avoid! Avoid! – at-any-cost!

My-friends-had-warned-me (on “good” authority): “‘S H E’-HAS-often-‘CROSSED,’


Corrupting hapless souls – LIKE YOU! SO! Do-NOT-pine,

For THIS FALLEN SISTER! who-has-sadly lost-The-Habit,

Of being chaste-and-poor! [Beware!] She’ll-take-JUICE***-and-dab-it,

ALL OVER YOU! Yes, our-brother – All-bloody over-you!”

But – IT WAS TOO LATE! for, suddenly, I CHASTE HER TOO,

Just like COUNTLESS – lost – and hopeless souls,

Who-had succum[b]ed – to HER, known-as: THE SHE OF MANY HOLES,

For, SHE-has-(literally)-RIPPED-The-Hearts-of(many)men -from their chests!

SHE simply-adores having: WAYWARD GUESTS!

So, men (and boys) I write this now, to warn you about:

SHE! A-Nun! It’s NO nunsense! For, IN-OR-OUT,

OF SEASON, a-fallen-nun, like-botulism, needs-no-reason,

To-DEFILE! and-corrupt! for, to HER – it-is-pleasin’ ,

To DESTROY ALL IT SEES, despite God-or-any thing!

HOLD ONTO “YOUR PRECIOUS,” Lords; use THE “special ring!”

fin <3

  • In the musical “Nunsense,” botulism, or FOOD POISONING, kills several Sisters!

** – Perhaps to tell us how much they appreciated our donations to their convent – and TO THANK US!! I had donated a dollar bill cross & Star of David into The Plate!****

*** – The blood of Christ, of course **** – I told them we would have given more, but THAT WE WERE JEWISH!

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