No Surprises 🐝

“NO SURPRISE!” a poem Wednesday: July 3, 2019

Things-are hard and sharp! and-things-are smooth and soft,

And there are times, you-now, when you’ve had enough,

And when you question “Why,” and when you cry out loud,

And when you have The Angst – REMEMBER! I am proud!

I AM proud of YOU and [I] like being with you lots,

So don’t “lose your faith,” for-we-CAN-“connect the dots,”

And figure things right out – or! Maybe we will not,

But! That’s-OK, and we can pray, and here’s a shirt I bought!

A shirt FOR YOU! ‘Cause I-love-you-too – MUCH-to-be-with-out,

Your-wonder-ful-ly-silly-boo-hoo-hoo-ey-perfect-crying-pout! 🙂 – Whew!

And – what-cha think that I would do, if you were not around?!

Well, you-know I’d-just shrivel-up! – They’d bury me in the ground,

And, in the ground, I’d dream of you – forever and a day!

But-I’m-NOT-there, so-I-can-hold-your-hand, and we’ll-both-shout: “Hooray!”

We’ll laugh-at-The-World of Hard & Soft – & Smooth and Sharp – & “Schizo!”

So, despite-some-days with-shades-of-gray, I STILL SAY: “Honey, it’s O –

K-to-go-another-day – and gaze [deeply] in-to your eyes,

And – WE MIGHT GO A ZILLION YEARS! (pause) [and]-to-me-that’d-be:


fin <3

Surprise 😮

    By ace101

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