No one loves me ๐Ÿคช

“MAKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR MY DELIGHTFUL REPTILIAN VACATION!” a poem, written on or about the last day of July! I’m “booking” a trip – to-a-stinky-ISLAND, where-salamanders roam! * I’ve had ENOUGH – of Life as-it-is; it’s a-terrible-old-poem! * Lucky-folk-die-so-why-can’t-I? and end “this tale of woe?” * No one loves me! No one needs me! Of-this, I surely KNOW! * “Why, oh why, hath-THOU forsaken-me?” Upon this cross I hang! * I never-signed-up – and-CERTAINLY-don’t-deserve – the-bite-of-Life’s-evil-fang! * I died and left – and went somewhere, to a place-where-no-one-goes! * I sat and stared, for-mil-lenia – and picked gunk from my nose! * And, as I sat, a-notice-arrived, that-I-should-expect-some-news, * A manuscript, a little bit: questions, but-mostly-clues! * A parcel arrived (and inside) was something THEY SAID I WROTE!! * I read and read, alone and dead, every bloody note! * I had written this? before-I-came? that-ALL-I-WANTED WAS-THE-TRUTH! * About all life – and being a wife, like The Biblical Lady named Ruth! * And I noticed an e-mail in response, which said: “You’re part of ME! * And if you want The Truth, Dear One, the only-way it can be, * Is IF you agree to complete amnesia – and go into life quite blind, * So you can discover, no-matter-how-you’re treated, YOU’RE ALWAYS S’POSE TO BE KIND!” * But kindness-for-Ruth’s-“a double edged sword,” which makes you feel USED! * Let’s remember Jesus Christ! He loved – and-was a-bused! * But The-Point-is – that’s the way it goes, IF you wanna experience LIFE, * To its fullest . . . or its poorest – as-a husband or a-wife! * And the documents concluded, as I read, that I HAD A CHANCE TO LEARN, * All the stuff that was talked about! and-IF-I-DID, I’d-have-a-good-turn! * That-when-I-finally-“grew-up-a-bit,” some “fool” would arrive! * Some person who w[c]ould CHERISH ME – and even maybe “drive” * across the seas – and come-to-my-side, * And love me FOREVER – on-“A Magic-Carpet Ride!” * AND – I would trust-him-NOT-MUCH, like-this-stinking life, * Even if he married me – and made me his wife! * AND I’d probably NEVER trust him, ’cause-he’d-be-a-horny-one, * And I’d think he was – of-me, just trying to make fun! * BUT – What a bunch o’ rubbish! These papers can’t be true! * AND, then, I thought, “Oh, GEE! Well – What the HOO!” * And I just-ATE! all the documents and went into a swoon, * Finding me back – in my little room! * AND a knock on the door was startling to me, * So, I opened, I did, quite an-gri-ly, * And-it was a kooky-grinning-fool, with this boyish glint! * and he said, I’m selling manuscripts, poems-and-belly-button-lint! * and I grabbed him by the arm – and I looked him in the eye, * and I said: “Are you for real?” and he said, with-a-little-sigh: * “No, I’m just a figment, of someone’s imagination, * And I-think-I-was-sent-to-torment-you, before you take vacation, * To THE LIZARD ISLANDS, where I am King of ALL! * I-AM!-a reptilian bastard – making this House Call! * To see what you desire – as-a meal-plan-for-the-trip!” * “Man, you are SO CRAZY! but – you-ARE a little hip!” * Well, anyway, I made-it-to-Lizard-Island! It’s a-desert, out in Texas! * But, I gotta say, for all its faults, you-know right-here, the-sex-is * Almost worth “the drive,” but I do dry-retch a lot, * BUT – I’ve-always-been-a-retcher, IN-THIS-SICKENING-WORLD IN-WHICH-I’M-CAUGHT! fin โค


By Peace Truth

Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)