Nifty Trick ~

“ON A ONE OF THOSE DAYS DAY!” a poem August 20, 2019 (Tuesday)

IS IT? “One o’ Those Days,” where-you’re-feeling- down?

An’ you’re: looking around? Sad, with a frown!?

Well, here-now! (pause) Here’s “a nifty trick,”

That might just help-ya lift-that-sick,

Feeling-of-dread! or worry or woe,

Or-just (you-know) FEELING – a little bit LOW:


Just-say: “OTHERS, LORD!” just like The Master! (pause)

Jesus! THAT Jesus! That-guy’d-walk right past-“HER,”

Right past Miss Pouty-Pants, murmuring so much,

And he’d-give-her (Miss Pouty) the slightest, gentle touch,

And-she’d-go: “Tee-hee-hee,” and-say: “Stop that, you J,”

And-He’d-say: “Little Pouty, Have a nice day!”

He would walk down The Road, with-His familiar refrain:

“Others, Lord; others, for they-might be in-pain,

Please help me cheer-’em-up, and it’ll-cheer-me-up-too!

No sense in everyone – feeling-dreadful-&-blue!”

Well, there ’tis!!! (pause) A little something to do,

For-a “one-o’-those-days” day,

When you might-have some-“rue!”

fin โ™ฅ

By ace101

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