Naked~ Did you know this?

“THE NAKED & THE HOLY!” a poem July 20, 2019 (Saturday)

Did-you-know Lord Jesus was-charged with-statutory-rape?

& St. Paul-was-a Pharisaic “snitch?!”

Plus, most-of-The-Disciples actually returned-to-fishing,

& St. Mary – was-burned-as-a-witch!

IF you REALLY knew The Truth, would you actually continue to pray?

To-a-bunch-of-what-today-we’d-call: “generate-folk?” trying-to-point-The-Way?

Mohammed, a-camel-driver, married-a-gal-15-years-past-his-age,

And, when she got “too old,” he-took-lots-of-widows! Yeah, what-a-“sage!”

What a bunch of over-s – – ed, over-inflated egoic guys!!!

The Buddha? into-c – – – – – – – – – s! His-ladies-uttered-[MANY], sacred sighs!

Upon-“her-mountains,”-at-120-years, Moses could-STILL “get it up,”*

Loving beautiful, desert maidens, like a ravenous, horny pup!

What all these folks had IN COMMON – was a yen for The Girls!

From-Lao-Tzu’s-sacred-scrolls: “On his shaft, many-virgins-he-twirls!”

And – Confucius! Joseph Smith! and Krishna! were-sought-by-many-women!

Even Nanak Dev (a Sikh) would “SEEK” numerous-babes-for-“rimmin’!”

So, IF-you-KNEW your Founders were a bunch o’ “horny gurus,”

Sniffin’-’round-for-estrogen, like Pro-verbi-a-al Bur-ro(u)s,

Would you still go – to: Church, The Temple – or The Golden Dome?

Or would you be your own guru & bed-down-with-your-lover** AT HOME?

fin <3

  • – Check out the final chapter of Deuteronomy if you don’t believe me!

** – or concubines!!

By ace101

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