My love is holding ~

“MY LOVE IS HOLDING!” a poem in the series: “Love of Skin!” July 13, 2019 (Saturday)

I love to hold your hand, and we can walk around;

I love to feel your skin, wherever we are bound!

I love to call you “Honey,”

[And] You-can call me “Sonny!”

Or-maybe-“F – – – – y Ba – – – – d,” for-it-makes-me-so-darn-happy,

To-know you-recognize-me! Please, sit upon my lap – py!

Please-then, do-a-“lap-dance,” and slap me on the cheek,

Saying: “You-had-best-behave! or you-won’t last the week!”

I love your little, cheeky ways, your-charm-and-glorious-smile!

I wanna hold your hand – and walk, at least, a mile!

We’ll walk with all our little pets – raccoons and skunks and snakes!

We-are-a “funky” family, and-I-know just what it takes,

To love-a-you and charm-you – and nourish you, I do!

I-just-wanna-hold-on for-dear-life – and-whisper: “I love you!” 🙂 – Is that OK?

fin <3


By ace101

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