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AMEN 🕊️🕊️

Twists and turns around each bend and ‘ Word By Word ‘ l come a stepping stone of the ‘ Word of God ‘ built from the earth around use you see as we are ‘ Symbols of Light ‘ a precious ‘ Child of God ‘ and like a Child we are looked after each and every day well that’s how the story of my life with God goes 🕊️

Its Chapter Two – So much has happened over many a year or more My Life has changed as God had planned for Me – Helping & Guiding – each and everyone – Sometimes is was a day or maybe longer it was only God that would say – its time my child and time to go and the person l have chosen will be now ready for your care you are prepared inside your Heart and you will be able to ‘ Provide All That Person Will Need ‘ and that person will ‘ Provide Like You ‘ and together you will be able to ‘ Help & Guide ‘ my people who come seeking ‘ Kindness & Love XX and a ‘ Caring Sharing Heart ‘ as two become one this time you see 🕊️

So as you read this of ‘ My Life with God ‘ l suppose l should of call it thus – Our Life with God but this is about the ‘ Past Being Removed From Me ‘ each day you see as that is ‘ How God Works Mysteriously ‘ as l have learned as ‘ Following God is Step by Step ‘ and l cannot know where until l am shown the way its happened like that before – but this l know with ‘ Faith & Love ‘ that ‘ God Will Provide The Way ‘ word by word it has always been and too some it will seem absurd but l 🙏🙏 and God entered into my Heart and from the day l never wanted and God provided all l need from the ‘ Garden of Love ‘ he built in me in his image you see – Now l can just be ‘ Whatever God Will Decide On Our Path of Life ‘ forevermore in Peace & Truth 🕊️


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