My Dad~ Dedication โžฟ Dr. Samuel Davis

“DECLARATION!” a poem, August 27, 2019 (Tuesday) I just see The Face of Love, * Charming-and-perfect, sent from above! * Ever kind – and tol-er-ant! * Per-severing – and di-li-gent! * Perfected, through weathering, over time! * Eventually leading – to this perfect rhyme: * Of “Declaration” and “Testament,” * Acknowledging, if-there-was-a-God, He would-have-sent – * Someone-like-this, to guide the way! * To make us all wish for another day! * Because the example of “long suffering” I see, * In His face – is for you and me, * For here and now – and evermore! * I sometimes hear My Mentor snore, * Just a little, sitting-[easy] on-his-chair, * Getting-a-little-rest, so that he-will dare – * to once again (you know) venture out, * In a World of Confusion, so filled with doubt, * Where no-one will-truly hope any more, * For a useful future, Whereas, before * The systems of marketing and phones took hold, * There were some, like him, who stood-by, bold, * Declaring: I AM here – to demonstrate-The-Right! *
And I’ll NEVER give in – to the force of fright, * For I LOVE to be a model for Love and Light! * And I’m-AMAZED by the shining stars at Night! * fin

By ace101

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