My Best Friend my Body

“BEST FRIEND TOO!” a poem June 17, 2019 (Moon-Dog Day)

My body is my best friend; I love every-strand-of-hair;

I really want to love him* – to show him that I care!

I want to listen to him, if-he-needs to-talk to me,

To tell me: “Something’s-going-on-here!” I’ll-listen-re-spectfully!

And, if my body’s aching, I’ll try to-give-it a little rest;

If there’s pain or discomfort, I-will-NOT my-body test,

By [like] popping pills or something – to-make-the-message go away!

I wanna keep him healthy – for-forever and a day!

My Best Friend, thanks for all your love – and understanding too,

For-I-can-be tough to-deal-with! Forgive-me! I-love-you-true!

fin <3

  • – You are welcome to put in the feminine here, if you wish! Remember, though, we all have both!