Meditation might be considered THE prescribed “art form,”

“I KNOW.” a poem October 4, 2019 (Freya’s Day)

Meditation might be considered THE prescribed “art form,”

For Buddhist practice & consideration, yet it can also just be a norm.

I KNOW a girl; she does Buddhist meditation,

But, I imagine, she’s beyond such things; it’s, perhaps, below her station,

Yet, SHE INSISTS on doing IT, twice a day:

“Meditation. I LIKE to listen? and I like to pray?

It is how I commune with The Great Divine.

And don’t we all need SOMETHING; I think meditation’s fine.”

Meditation? Is it opening? to hear The Voice of The Guide;

Prayer? Is it talking, with Divinity? Which says: “Open wide.”

Is it The Void’s Voice asking, “Are you trying to hide,

From Yourself? or from Something? Do you wish to just glide,

Through life, putting on a spectacular show,

For whom? Don’t do it for me.” I don’t know,

Why some folks spend so much of their time,

Doing meditation. Of course, perhaps you’ll say that, “Rhyme,

Is my chosen ‘thing,’ and it is wasteful too.”

I think you might be right, but it’s also something that I DO,

In keeping with your suggestion: That we all must do A thing,

Or else the days drag on, in an endless string,

Of activities and virtues, and THE POINT OF ALL THIS?

[Moral:] Be sure what you do produces HAPPINESS,

By using your time for YOU and NOT for impressing other folk.

If YOU ENJOY IT then it’s value is secure and it’s NOT a showy joke.”

[When “I NEED TO DO” & “I WANT TO DO” truly coincide,

Like going (to the) potty, then I KNOW in THAT I can safely abide.]

fin ♥