Mass shootings in the United States: When, where they have occurred in 2019

The number of mass shooting incidents in the United States continues to rise in 2019.
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Condolences to all the people affected by the Mass Murder.

When will you ever learn

How did you hate something that pushed you to murder innocent lives

Nothing will bring those people back to their families

Those families have changed forever, damaged

When you killed all those people did you realise they had mothers, fathers,

Did you feel that you accomplished your aim or was it ego, a big tuff man carrying a gun killing defenceless young and old minding their own business trying to keep the food on the table

If the police department didn’t shot you, we’ll your stay in prison will kill you every hour your lost your right to life. Those guys are waiting for you to arrive in prison, you will wished you had been shot.

God can’t help you, but the Devil

Killings as this in America are heinous crimes against humanity

Freedom of life does not mean that you have the Right carry firearms to kill

Hand these guns in to save the future of your children

Yes, I was a licensed Gun Dealer and recreational Clay Bird Shooter in Australia 🇦🇺 we are autonomous in handing over our guns

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Many things in life really turn you upside down, I have issues with humans who believe they have any rights to breathe oxygen. You get it Sir . 👑👑

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