Luke Le Bree~

Jesus Message.

Let your heart flow with the love I offer you freely, not as a place you feel above others but as one who has surrendered to life. In doing so the more you will live only for love, and that will be of much comfort to you.
The world and its movement to sway you in many ways to be noticed or trying to consume you so that you will try to live to its design. I say to you STOP and breathe in this now moment and be one with your heavenly calling.
Live each day in way that a love is your constant companion and having faith you do this not as a test but to be life itself. I am aware of your sufferings for which you need not have for I have paid the weight of your hurt and now your free to be love with life. The day comes when you live to love and nothing will be of more importance but your work on earth will be no more striving to be more noticed or bringing a dominating attitude towards others. Just my love. This is for all of you who are ready to be the children of mine. Some of you still may feel not there yet and have your reasons this is so. But the calling is for all. For I embrace you all.

Dearest Lord of my heart, Know that your message falls deep into my heart and my love for life as you describe it. We as a body of people will take your living love as the joy that brings us home in our understanding. Amen
Luke Le Bree.