Letter To My Husband

Love has a treasures to be held sacred ~

Intimacy is not purely physical

Itโ€™s the act of connecting with my husband so deeply, you feel like you can see into his soul

My Husband knows exactly how to handle me so tenderly


My husband loves me just the way I am when Iโ€™m distant 

he just holds me close to his body soothing my long hair  from my face

as my tears run down my face 

relieving the ache in my heart for moments lost in time

he knows my moments more than I 

when I need to feel his skin touching mine endearingly searching my soul

 my soul turns to passion within our oneness 

beyond passion of electric dazzling stars โœจ has never been a greater

force of burning desire only those that have found solace in a  HUSBAND WHO KNOWS  EXACTLY WHAT I NEED –  

until then my love when I awake I sleep wrapped in your shirt top wafting in your ambrosia of love endlessly 

i will love  you in all your splendour ๐Ÿ™„ 


    By ace101

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    2 replies on “Love has a treasures to be held sacred ~”

    Love the secret between two souls who have same interest and this is how it works itโ€™s a have a fear of rejection that stems from something far back more than likely youโ€™re unaware there havenโ€™t think to work out the old issue is situations Will you bring into relationship with their knowledge in motion inside you attract nation ship with your partner made plans with his or her friends instead you will know what happened there behaviour to be secretly judge mental of them you donโ€™t think it is going to bed me and I will be your creative mind to actually draw you into situation flaky instead of admitting that youโ€™re a little bit like that complaining about when you donโ€™t except something about yourself it is signed it down if you donโ€™t love yourself you never feel completely at peace with yourself and the world around you always find something to complain about and the people in your life and perfect relation learn to yourself and except yourself you will never be able never be able to accept or to be fully know by another person itโ€™s only part of the story more to come my husband knows how to handle me and thatโ€™s the difference is a great man he knows when to serve me and yes he goes out and I love that for him For being a free agent.

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