Long ago never forgotten ~

On Monday, January 30, 1933, a man who had only the previous year obtained German citizenship, despite serving in the German Army in the First World War (the Austrian Army rejected him for compulsory military training because he was “too weak”) was reluctantly asked to be German Chancellor by Marshal Paul von Hindenburg. That man would later consolidate the offices of Chancellor and President, after Hindenburg’s death, and declare himself der Fuhrer. That man would engage in genocide and a level of depravity that ended with him committing suicide as the Russians marched towards and into Berlin, rather than he taken prisoner. A number of his henchmen also committed suicide, and the top ten people the Allies could arrest, were hanged at Nuremberg. It would have been eleven, except Goering committed suicide two hours earlier.
During the war and the depravity in which that man participated, trade unionists, socialists and communists were rounded up and in some cases murdered, or kept in concentration camps. One man, Helmuth von Moltke, operated the Kreisau Circle, that sheltered Jewish people from the gas chambers, and von Moltke paid with his life for his beliefs.
After that, and in Australia, many people tended to take the attitude that the only good former Axis Power person was a dead one. People ignored the fact that all three Axis Powers were able to fill concentration camps and prisons with dissenters, draft resistors and the like.
As we can see, Hitler was an evil psychopath, while von Moltke was a good man.
With the tragedy of the past 48 hours, we have again seen the “Not All Men,” hashtag re-emerge.
What I have found to be most hypocritical is seeing Morrison on TV talking about thoughts being with Hannah Clark’s family, yet he was prepared to allow a woman who accused women of lying in Family Court cases to have a role in chairing an inquiry into the Family Court. A woman who is among the least educated politicians in Australia, who didn’t even finish high school! The Family Court is not perfect, but it should not be subjected to attacks by an idiot like hanson.
As a male, I am quite tired of the Not All Men, hashtag. A woman who is important to me is a survivor of domestic abuse, and she doesn’t need someone to be around me when I deal with her, because she knows I’m not a violent man! We all know that there are men who are genuinely devoted husbands to their wives and devoted fathers to their children. But that’s part of the difference between being a father and a Dad. Any man can be a father, all he needs to do is well, you know, release sperm that fertilises an egg, but it takes a special kind of man to be a Dad. A Dad is a man who is good, kind and devoted to his kids.
I had an incident where I tended to catastrophise things, when a young girl walked me out of Woolworths and her mother was waiting for her in the car, and I explained to the mother that I’m autistic but was nothing like Jayson Todd, to which she replied, “Oh, God, no! I wasn’t thinking that! I could see she wasn’t stressed.” My initial fear was that she thought, “What’s this middle-aged man doing with my teenage daughter?!”
Rational people know that not all Germans were Nazis, and despite revelations of “Comfort Women” there was a case of a Japanese soldier who, at great personal risk, drove a young virginal Chinese woman to a foreign embassy, as he could see she was frightened, to liberate her from the life the Army had for her. Rational people know that not all men are violent. The objection is to toxic masculinity and a sense of entitlement that some men have, not men themselves. Just like me, the only male doctor I trust is my rheumatologist, and that’s because he’s a nice man, and a gentleman, and is unafraid to wear pink or other flamboyant colours, and is a true feminist and kind father to his daughter.

Author: Human Rights Activist Australian shalom 😌🕯️🙌🇦🇺