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(LONDON) Real Princess Diana Report: She was ‘the people’s princess, who left her imprint on the monarchy with her personal touch — shaking hands with a man dying from an AIDS-related illness, writing notes to her fans and fearlessly walking across a minefield #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.03: Diana was the first of her kind, a royal who had a natural empathy with people from all walks of life, whether they were close to death, marginalised by society or struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Honouring Princess Diana with a STONE STATUE as a monument to the woman in Britain — and the House of Windsor — cannot forget while there have been other memorials in Diana’s honour, including a fountain in Hyde Park and children’s playground in Kensington Gardens, this statue will be more personal for the two boys, now men, who will stand to remember their mother.

Kindness & LoveX❤️ says just look at her face and the sadness in her eyes and she would be happier for her two sons to be brought back together in perfect harmony Amen

Princess Diana in a low-backed pearl gown and tiara looking over her shoulder
A statue erected in Kensington Palace’s sunken gardens in honour of Diana will soon be revealed. (Reuters: Kimimasa Mayama)

But there’s a generation that has no real idea who Princess Diana was, or the sensation she caused around the world. 

They won’t remember the tens of thousands of images of her plastered on the front pages of magazines and splashed across newspapers every week.

The pictures of joy with her sons frolicking on the beach or learning how to ski, and the photos of sadness that came with life in the spotlight.

And they won’t have a memory of the outpouring of grief that swept the world when she died. 

A small Prince Harry with his head bowed while William looks at the camera
Prince William was 15 and his brother Prince Harry was 12 when their mother died in a car crash. (Reuters)

But then there are those who will remember exactly where they were, and what they were doing on August 31, 1997 at the moment they learnt Princess Diana had lost her life.

It’s their memories that will be jogged again as a statue of the late princess is unveiled in London on Thursday.

The late princess who haunts the Royal family 

And therein lies the double-edged sword for the House of Windsor, which has seemingly embraced this new memorial while perhaps preferring that the memory of their history with Diana would fade. 

Her ex-husband, after all, will one day be king, and he’s worked hard to win back the good will that he lost after their acrimonious split.

The Prince of Wales will reportedly not attend the ceremony to unveil the monument to his former wife, so as not to “resurface old wounds”. 

Princess Diana in a deep navy dress sits while Prince Charles stands behind her
Prince Charles was said to struggle with his wife Diana’s popularity. (Reuters)

But the wounds, even for those who did not grow up with Diana, may never fully heal. 

Whether it’s her sympathetic portrayal on The Crown, countless podcasts and documentaries, or a forthcoming biopic with Kirsten Stewart cast in the starring role, Diana continues to haunt Britain — and the House of Windsor.

Diana’s fractured fairytale will loom over a kingdom as her statue will loom over the gardens of Kensington Palace. 

‘We are still talking about her now’

Around the world, those who remember her will think about what might have been different if Diana had survived and what she would be like today. 

“You’ve either got it or you haven’t, and she had it in bucketfuls, and we are still talking about her now,” Diana super fan Margaret Tyler told the ABC from her home in north London. 

The 77-year-old’s home has been extended twice to hold the thousands of pieces of royal memorabilia she owns.

A woman in a Union Jack flag jacket holds a Princess Diana plate in a bright pink room.
Princess Diana superfan Margaret Tyler in her Diana room at her home in north London.(ABC News: Tim Stevens)

She’s a self-confessed obsessive, and even has a Diana room that was built after the Princess of Wales’s death. 

According to Margaret, the “horrible, sinking” feeling she had when she learnt of Diana’s fate returns when she thinks of that day.

“I sat on the stairs for about an hour, I couldn’t move my legs – they were like jelly,” she recalled of the moment her son rang from America to relay the news.  

Margaret was one of thousands of people who would later travel to Buckingham Palace to lay flowers at the gates. 

“London ran out of flowers,” she said. 

An estimated 60 million blooms were placed there – one for every resident of the UK.

A moment to remember Diana

During better times in 2017, Prince William and Prince Harry commissioned the project to mark what would have been Diana’s 60th Birthday.   

“Our mother touched so many lives,” they wrote at the time. 

“We hope the statue will help all those who visit Kensington Palace to reflect on her life and legacy.”

Princess Diana sits close to ger young sons, Princes William and Harry, in 1987 .
Princess Diana smiles as she sits with her sons during happier times in 1987.(AAP: John Redman)

A lot has changed since then; Harry married actress Meghan Markle, before they decided to step back from their roles as working royals in 2020 due to their own struggles with the royal family and the British press.

While the brothers admit they have grown apart in recent years, the dramatically scaled back tribute to their mother will give them a chance to reconnect.

According to Hello! magazine royal editor Emily Nash, the ceremony will be a “very small event and private personal moment for the princes”.

“And I think it’s right that Diana’s family, very close relatives will be there,” she said.

“But it’s their chance as well, before the wider public has access to the statute, and just take a moment and reflect on her life.”

Prince William and Prince Harry chose renowned sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley for the project. His portrait of the Queen appears on all UK – and some Australian – coins.

“They’ve been talking about this many years, and they’ve really wanted a permanent memorial to their mother,” Nash said.

“They felt that she hadn’t been recognised properly, in a public way like this before.

“And after quite some time, it’s now come to bear.”

Princess Diana in a black swimsuit looking joyful as a wave breaks around her
Princess Diana’s global popularity only increased after her sudden death. (Reuters)


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