Little white lie ~

“PRETTY MUCH WHATEVER YOU DO [I F D O N E W I T H L O V E] WILL BE OK!”* a poem, August 30, 2019 (Friday)

Telling a-little white lie, in my opinion, so she doesn’t get upset,

Is pretty-much OK – IF DONE IN LOVE, it’s-usually a good-bet!

Pretty-much any “terrible” thing you do,

Is OK, BUT [there-are] SOME things to avoid, a few:

Like – watch out for BANK ROBBERY – or shooting everyone in the mall,

And, speaking of that – probably ANYTHING that DOES have to do with “maul!”

Oh, yeah, and anything that might cause a pregnant girl to have a miscarriage!

And! (in some states, at least) “polygamist marriage!”

Those are some of the ones, “off the top of my head,” that I would suggest you decline,

But mostly everything else DONE IN LOVE should be fine!


But – missing her anniversary (on purpose or otherwise), I just wanna let you know,

That you should get her, like, TWICE THE STUFF, when you finally remember!

And, now that I’m thinking about it – touching her every intimate member!

Although we were warned about that as kids, and, even if it makes her scream,

Well, I think you’ll find (IF done with LOVE),

That might-just “put-you on-The A Team!”

Anyway, so, re: WHAT YOU DO: “Do whatever you do with caring and love,

And, I think, usually your efforts will be blessed from ABOVE!”

LOVE’S SOMETIMES CRAZY! but, heck, Life can be short and not so sweet,

If you don’t take a few chances!

So, take a chance occasionally! and


fin ♥

  • – Be aware, there MAY be some exceptions to this rule!

Little white lie

By ace101

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