Little miss innocent 🐝

“LITTLE MISS INNOCENT!” a poem a.k.a.: “IS!” a.k.a.: “Demolition Woman!” a.k.a.: “Sugar Rush!” a.k.a.: “The Coffee Shop of Blue[s]!” June 22, 2019 (Saturday)

“REA – lly – love me!” (pause) That-IS-what-you-said,
One fine night, in a dream in my head!

“And what does that mean?” I-might reply;

“You mean – FOREVER?” “I don’t know!!”
“POUR-SOME-SUGA’-ON-ME! Come-on-now-a-bro!”

Well! THAT’S-where-I-went, with-all-these-thoughts-of-YOU!
There-is COLOR-IN-YOUR-HAIR, at “The Coffee Shop of Blue!”

Life is SUCH A MYSTERY! Is-it-serious/sad?
Or-sin-cerely-farc-ical; it-may-not-be–so-bad,
IF-you-let-me-do-a-painting – called: “BLUE’S-MY-FAVORIT’-COLOR!”
“Yes, I REALLY love you!” That’s-what-I-could-tell-‘er!

But – REALLY-LOVING – Really! – Is-really MORE THAN WORDS!
Of course, it’s-also what YOU DO; so, here we-are: Two Birds!

We’re sipping on fine coffee, forever and a day!
“Do you REALLY love me?” “I think so!” I-might-say!

“Do you REALLY love me!” I think this is a dream!


fin <3

Addendum to “Little Miss Innocent!” [Discovering that his Beloved had changed her hair color! from BLUE to PINK inspired a last few lines, to an otherwise perfect poem!]
So, I showed up THE NEXT DAY, but your hair’s now PINK!
So much for BLUE; I-don’t-know-what-to-think!
I know!!! I-think: “Blue and Pink is Fuchsia!
Ahhh! Color-is-important, but-not-critical! That’s – minutiae!

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