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“BIG WORRIES:” The Limerick Corner of Worries, Worries, Worries, a little set of poems that have really BIG significance, posted on FridayWorryDay, Oct. 18, 2019

A limerick called: “THIS IS REALLY BIG:”

“IF I’mWorried, it’sA BigDeal, Oh, WOW,

AndItNeedsToBe TakenCareOF RIGHT NOW,

‘Cause my poor, worried mind,

IsMostAnnoying you’llFIND,


Another limerick called: “BLOW MY MIND:”

“I’m havin’ A COW; IT IS BIG;

MyWorriesR likeAferalPig:

They’re annoying and so,

YaBettaResolveEM, youKnow,

OrThey’llBombYaAllOver likeA M.I.G.*”

A third one, YES, a 3rd one called: “BEING ‘A WORRIED, THIN? CAT.’ “

I once knew a kitty named cat,

Who worried about this and that.

She’d NEVER get birds,

‘Cause, AllHerWorriedWords,

Scared’EmAway, AndShe neverGotFat.

Friggin’ A, a limerick called: “THEY NEVER LISTENED TO THAT GUY EITHER:”


AndTheDisciplesWouldn’tListenToHimEither. How’boutYOU?

‘Cause you lose en er gy,

Perhaps, weShouldJustAllAgree,

HavingNoFaith’s JustWhat SomeFolksLikesToDO.

Ya can’t make this stuff up: “I LOVE THIS STUFF:”


IjustLOVEit, when worry doth pour,

In toOurSweetLife;


IsLIKE: FightingTheUnwinnableWar.

Will this guy NEVER finish? a limerick called: “IT JUST KEEPS COMIN’:”


IcanDOit, andDoItInAhurry,

‘Cause it’s SUCH A GOOD THEME;

ItMakesMe wanna SCREAM;

YouKNOW, withNOhairYaCan’tBe TooFurry.**

  • – a Russian fighter aircraft

** – Some people CLAIM that worrying a lot makes them lose hair; I have evidence that is NO TRUE for some people. 🙂

Limerick Corner