Light spirits Comic Strip ~ 1993

Copy of Script as below ~

LIGHT SPIRITS! “Sweetie, please let me give you psychic massage (I guess that’s massage you give “with your mind!”) to activate your FUN-dalini energy!” (as opposed to: kundalini energy, which is described as divine energy, believe to be located at the base of the spine, which can be “activated” and then sent through the body for purposes of healing and enlightenment!) “OK, nectar blossom, sock it to me. Now, just lay back, precious, relax – let the Universal energy imbibe your every fiber.” “Darling, Oh-oh. Oh. I feel it!! energy oh – oh- ” (Notice these two are wearing their “omitamas,” lockets that in the “religion” and/or practice of Sukyo Mahikari [earlier described] allow them to direct the Power of God through their hands and eyes!) “Honey, this is it!! It’s happening – energy moving up my body – invigorating, energizing.” “Let it happen; let itto happen, Lover Man.” “Oh, wow, look, dearest, how do you suppose it got in here?” “I don’t know, baby – but what technique!” “Chirp!” (Evidently, the sensations our hero was experiencing were thanks to, perhaps, a bird that had happened onto the scene during his psychic massage!) J-Jay Samuel Davis & Sheri Robin Campbell, (who, you will notice, if you recall the first strip of this series, is wearing “The Crooked Chon!”) Dec. 1992 . . . [Happy 1993 from The Fundalini Bird]

There are 7 major chakras and the kundalini energy, through meditation, concentration and intent is directed through these “centers,” to activate and refine them!