KINDNESS WISDOM Letter To My Husband

Letter to my Husband ~ I want your Sex

Letter to my Husband
I would do anything to be with you
I want to be in your arms

You and I met in the most peculiar place one night

And it just clicked

In the most esoteric way

A mouth of white chocolate melted in my mouth 👅dripping down my breasts

I was mesmerised by that mouth I now so well now

Those mesmerizing black eyes cut me to pieces

Taking my eyes away from you didn’t seem right

As l glimpsed down you were writing with a pen ✒️ those elegant long fingers sent shivers down my spine

As my fingers crossed my lips with delicious excitements burning a hole in my mind, very wicked sensations, throbbing of longing to climb that mountain of desire together.

From that moment on I was a goner for you. When I turn round even today and catch you looking at me I just melt until you whisper remember this ” I’m in love with you ” not I love you, cause my Husband knows how to handle me with only four little words, not those standard three words everyone says to anyone.

And hey you, look at me like that and I’m hooked on you anytime you want me. Anyway, I know your hot button ⚫ its know mystery all I have to do is keep the tablet laid out with eatables you love to dine

on especially when I’m the Dessert favourite my love. My hot love me cause I know just how to handle him.

Sometimes he travels around doing whatever he calls it. And there’s one think I know he always comes home to me cause he knows exactly what happens when he walks in that door. One hour later he’s knocked out again with his eyes rolled back in his head.



    By ace101

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