Label-You or Wear Tags~

Broken so

Introduction.: Do some-folks give-ya-the-business,” when you’re shoppin’ at The Store?

Well, you can always walk away! when-ya-can’t-suf-fer any more!

For, there’re people who like to “label-you,” and really think it’s fun!

From such people, my Gentle Reader, you can walk away or run!

You CAN-always walk away – from a doctor or, even, a “friend,”

Whose labeling of you REALLY HAS NO END!!

“They” just get more “creative!” and insistent all the time!



[Welcome to: The Therapeutic Twilight Zone!]

“We offer for your consideration:” a life called THE THERAPEUTIC WAY,

Where a person is diagnosed or labeled – several times a day,

With various conditions by (some of) those he loves-and-he-trusts!

What’s a fellow to do? when he LOVES! TRIES! and, yes, by golly, even LUSTS!

You-know EVERYONE’S UNIQUE, and some men are “labeled” by “their gals,”

And I’m pretty-sure such-labeling – is NOT-DONE by the-best-of-pals,

But by people who really enjoy – PLACING OTHERS INTO BOXES,

And feel that that-is-“good-fun!” Doesn’t-it-seem somewhat “ob-nox-iou[e]s?”

Like: “Donald! You’re PHOBIC, in various many ways!”

(Which just means Don is cautious!) Another person says:

“Billy! You’re such a PUER!” and laughs at-Bill’s birth right,

TO-BE “creative”-&-not-dull, and-do what-he-thinks is-happy-and-bright!

“Oh, YOU Boy Scout!” “You’re such a MAMA’s BOY!”* or – “I think you’re manic!”

Well, perhaps, after some time, these labels might cause you to (slightly) panic,

Or just get bored – until finally you think it’s a good plan,

To select other friends, who are NOT ALWAYS labeling this (here) man!

So, GOOD LABELERS & THERAPISTS, what am I to do?

I think it’s not always best – to always hang around with you,

Who think it funny (awfully funny) when-they label-and-laugh,

And just KEEP IT UP – when you might (supposedly) be their “better half!”

Yes, I KINDA LIKE “the better half” label; it feel dignified and kind,

But I’m not sure I wanna hang a lot around those – with-a “Therapeutic-Way” mind!

So, perhaps, a (short?) vacation, Dear Labelers! I wonder if you’ll miss,

The sad, sad company of this over-labeled-gent, who really loves to-kiss!

But, I think life is too short – or too long to – endu(o)re,

Continual labeling, which can poison a person “to the core!”

Moral: I think the best way to avoid such poison, is to avoid the mouth of those,

Who use people as therapeutic subjects (pause) I’m-just “depressed?” I suppose!

fin ♥ * – or “Anybody’s Boy”

By Peace Truth

Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)