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A long time ago or should l say ‘ In The Beginning ‘ a simple . existed it was so small it would to many seem insignificant and so many many people could not see that small. well that was Me as l was in my life just like a cleaner and carer who did it all but could not be seen or even – Know Who I Was – l Suppose you might call me Mr. Useful as thats what l did – but l say unto you it was – Not Who l Was l sought to Know and in so knowing sought Knowing – and – Know-Ledge would tip me over – But Remember l was just and had not grown up yet

Many years passed and that remained not growing or moving from one point or another – Kind of stagnant and still caring & sharing Kindness & Love to all those that crossed my path – Then all of a sudden like a ‘ Streaming Light ‘ entered me and that. suddenly that. I became a ______________ yes l had suddenly grown l was taller – oh no not in stature but in who l was – l no longer was just insignificant but was there l existed – then once again sometime later l became a beam of ✨ very dim but still no longer a . but a ____________ of light ✨ and communication l could speak and people heard my voice – Well some did others did not and that seemed right as those that have ears let them hear echoed inside me

Now over many more years l would grow and did grow from a . _______to become more God had entered my Heart and brought ‘ The Word of God ‘ into Me – Me l exclaim and it was Knowledge l had sought and 🙏🙏 for and now God and Me together could make. _________ and put them in the ‘ Right Order ‘ they made a Word and the ‘ First Was Love ‘ and ‘ God Is Love ‘ so l knew that was the Truth then over many more days other words would join the ‘ Throng ‘ and became not just …… ‘s but ________ ‘s that made up ‘ Sentences ‘ that made into ‘ Paragraphs ‘ and then into ‘ Pages ‘ then something even more of a ‘ Miracle ‘ took place they became a ‘ Book ‘ a ‘ Book of Life ‘ not just any ‘ Book ‘ but a ‘ Book of My Life ‘ and God worked ‘ Mysteriously in Me ‘ until one day, this day l could tell you ‘ Now l Know Who l Am ‘ and to say this unto You reading this always ‘ Know Who You Are ‘ and Know seeking Knowledge will always bring God into Your Heart and point the way to ‘ The Tree of Knowledge ‘ in the ‘ Garden of Eden ‘


By ace101

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