Kissable You~

“BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, HUGGABLE, KISSABLE YOU!” a poem 17 July 2019 (Wednesday, Karaoke Night Tonight – at The Railroad Blues!)

We-are in-bed, and-I’m-so-NOT-blue,


We-eat-and-hic-cup! Yes-s-we-do; (pause)

I’m-with Wonderful-Fashionable-Adorable-You!

We go for a walk; we go to The Zoo,

And-you-say: Your-Love – will-always-be-true!

We take a-nap; (pause) you hold my hand;

We gaze a-lot; we-understand,

BEING-IN-LOVE! is-The-Law-of-The-Land,

AND! The-Goal-of-All-Life, Through-The-E-ternal-Sand!

You-say:-“Are-You-hungry?” I-say: “Yes, for You,


So-you-blush, just-a-little; you-smile-and-say:

“Thank-you, Dear-Friend, for-a-wonderful-day!

And, as-The-Sun-sets, we’re-both-in-our-bed,

And on-my-shoulder – is-your-little-head!



I’m-with-The Loveable-Angelical-Gal-I-have-wed!

fin <3

By ace101

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