Danny Boy ๐Ÿ’ซ

Once upon a time there was Candy and Dan, things were very hot that year, all the wax was melting in the trees.

He would climb balconies,climb everywhere, do anything for her, oh Danny boy.

Thousands of birds, the tiniest birds adorned her hair

Everything was golden

One night the bed caught fire

He was handsome and a very good criminal

We lived on sunlight and chocolate bars

It was the afternoon of extravagant delight

Danny the daredevil, one night Candy went missing

You came into my life really fast and I liked it

We squelched in the mud of our Joy

I was wet thighed with surrender

Then there was a gap in things and the whole world tilted

This is the business

This is what we are after

And sometimes I hate you- Friday- I didnโ€™t mean that.

Mother of the blueness

Angel of the storm

I broke your head on the back of the bed but the baby died in the morning

I gave him a name

His name was Thomas

Poor little god

His heart pounds in the morning

Like a voodoo drum

Sometimes things aren’t as the seem @bestofnatureblog

By Peace Truth

Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)