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God needs you to understand 🙏🙏

Does anyone ever like Me look at simple things that Jesu (Iesu) said during his time on this earth some to Me were extremely important and mean so much and were so simple

Before being questioned by the Romans there were rumours of a teacher or prophet or a man walking with others and of course a healer and to them they believed they were all different people and not one and the same – For Me this was God protecting his son from any harm until it was time for him to come down from Heaven to Earth – WOW l hear you say but he was born in a stable and brought into the world to a Carpenter & Wife Mary a Virgin that is how the story goes

So l Hear You Ask: How can l say what l did well lets look at what Jesu (Iesu) said when was brought before the Romans when asked are you …..adding each one they had heard rumours of – He said simply ‘ Is that Who They Say That l Am ‘ – Firstly who were They and Not Answering there Question – Told them nothing to hold him or even jail him it was only when they persuaded Judas with 30 – Pieces of Silver to show who he was and for the Religious Fraternity who did not like his teaching to bring him to the Romans again to so-called Justice

It was only when God was ready for his son to suffer to ‘ Save Us All ‘ (more on that one later) that he brought him to be seen and brought before the Romans as he said at the ‘ Last Supper ‘ before walking in the ‘ Garden of Gethsemane ‘ when it was needed for Judas to touch him on the shoulder the Romans did not know him until then and just before it Jesu (lesu) had spoken to his Father in Heaven and then they came to take him as it was in the plan of God

Though not having a price is even more dangerous for that person and if you cannot be bought you are dangerous to this world – So my readers l say unto today never ever ‘ Tell Anyone You Cannot Be Bought – Just Keep Your Council & Leave It To God ‘ as ‘ The Lord Is My Shepherd l Shall Not Want ‘ so today l leave You my people’s with this just say if you are ever questioned ‘ Is that who you say that l Am ‘ like Jesu ( Iesu) and God will enter into Your Heart and bring Kindness & Love XX in Peace & Truth



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