God Is Healing Love @storyville


Some days in my past life and l call it a past life because l see my life as a journey that has a ‘ Beginning & End ‘ and that comes when ‘ God of Love ‘ has healed the world and the people’s ills

Its the time of ‘ Revelations ‘ well that’s ‘ How The Story Goes ‘ and the time of the ‘ Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ‘ to ride across this world and look at War, Pestilence, Famine & Death caused by War the first horse that brings about the 4th Horse then – Stop War – and you stop all the rest taking place in the world

So then ‘ Why ‘ not just stop ‘ War ‘ because ‘ War Makes Money ‘ – Peace will make nothing and how do those so-called Leaders ‘ Control People ‘ with the ‘ Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ‘ and so in this ‘ Man-Made World ‘ created for Cap-It-ALL-Ism people are like cattle – So how do you peacefully breakaway from control and be free

For some its easier than for others and for some others well simply they do not want to be free to them ‘ The Love of Money Is All ‘ its everything and more – For Me ensconced deep into the ‘ Finance Industry ‘ for many many years l grew to dislike people who could not ‘ Care & Share ‘ with their Neighbour and seeing such ‘ Greed Could Not Stay Working in That Industry ‘ and God Moved Me

Now Some Reading This Might Say – What – How did you know because everything was taken from me and l did not fight against what was happening but accepted that ‘ Healing ‘ had begun and could begin to ‘ Feel Love of God ‘ leaving my battered ‘ Soul ‘ and ‘ Know its Power ‘ but first l had to learn ‘ What God Wanted & l Needed ‘ and ‘ God Knew What l Would Need ‘ and Provided time and time again all that l needed and l learned to ‘ Trust in God ‘ and know the ‘ Healing Power of God in Me ‘ and that Kindness & Love has gown over many years with all the Peace & Truth l now feel daily