Today’s the Day


How often does that saying ‘ Said ‘ by so many people that they plan and they get to that day and for some reason ‘ What ‘ they plan does not happen – Ask yourself Why ?

Well first you ‘ Analyse ‘ and then you look at the ‘ Plan ‘ and then you work out in yourself ‘ What Went Wrong ‘ and ‘ Two ‘ conclusions come to mind its either – My Fault Or Someone Else’s ‘ – now You are either a ‘ Glass Half Empty Or Half Full Person ‘ you can tell which by what people do not say or say – If they begin with ‘Half Empty ‘ then thats them and to help and guide them you need to understand ‘ What They Need ‘ and realise they were let down by someone else – Whereas the Half Full ‘ person has not yet learned ‘ Right From Wrong ‘ Or is still Learning – I say all this for a ‘ Reason Not A Purpose ‘ You see l have been ‘Both ‘ and learned its not the ‘ Plan that Matters ‘ but what it does to ‘ Help & Guide Other People Who Are Poor In Heart ‘

So lets not ‘ Analyse Or Plan ‘ lets just let God Plan for us in our Heart by putting ‘ Other People ‘ first as God will then ‘ Put You First ‘ and then that ‘ Plan ‘ God has will be one that you will be able to say ‘ Today’s The Day ‘ and God is in charge of my Life Not Me


By ace101

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