God needs you to understand ~


I used to run a Bible School on Good Friday for children in Kindergarten through grade 5 and I would take them through all of Holy Week.

We started by making palms and marching around the hall and finished with an Easter Celebration.

Our celebration of the Last Supper became our snack break. I would have the kids who wanted to be the apostles or Jesus to line up and they were chosen at random to fill the spots.

The one who got to be Jesus was very happy until he or she found out that he or she needed to wash the feet of the other twelve who were chosen to be the apostles.

And, yes, it was sometimes a girl who got to play Jesus! We have been chosen to be disciples and this means that we are the face and hands and feet of Jesus on earth.

Jesus depends on us to bring the Good News to others, and most of the time that is by giving example of how Jesus acted during his time on earth.

And just like the boy or girl who got to play Jesus in our Bible school, not all is easy.

Sometimes we need to do things that are unpleasant.

We can forget that Jesus washed the feet of Judas as well as the other 11.

He did this knowing that Judas would betray him.

When we are called to witness Jesus’ love and compassion in situations where we would prefer to walk away, we need to remember this example of Jesus.


By Peace Truth

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