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The Flower Carpet is a biennial event in Brussels. Volunteers from around Belgium convene at the Grand Place/Grote Markt, the city’s historic centre, to weave a carpet-like tapestry out of colourful Begonias. The event takes place every other August, coordinating with Assumption Day. Nearly a million flowers are required to create the ephemeral 1,800 m2 (19,000 sq ft) carpet…🌸

But Brussels isn’t just known for its flowers, it’s also a city that boasts a rich history and vibrant culture. From the architecturally stunning Atomium to the iconic Manneken Pis statue, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in this bustling city.

Within easy reach of Brussels is the stunning country of Germany. With its historic cities, rolling countryside and world-renowned beer, Germany is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

One of the most popular destinations in Germany is Berlin, a city with a storied past and a vibrant present. From the Berlin Wall to the Brandenburg Gate, there’s plenty to see and do in this iconic city.

But Germany isn’t just about big cities. The country is also home to stunning countryside, charming small towns and some of the best food and drink in Europe.

Whether you’re looking for a city break, a hiking adventure or just some good old-fashioned German hospitality, there’s something for everyone in this amazing country.

So if you’re looking for a European adventure that will take you from the picturesque Flower Carpet in Brussels to the historic streets of Berlin, look no further than a trip to Belgium and Germany.

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