Lassie came home 🐶


In the summer of 1923, Frank and Elizabeth Fraser and their two-year-old dog set out from Oregon, Indiana, to visit family.

When they stopped for gas at a service station in Indiana, the dog was attacked by three other dogs and fled.

They searched everywhere for him, but in the end, could not find him.

They returned to Oregon heartbroken, believing they would never see their beloved dog again.

After losing all hope, one day, their daughter saw a skinny and exhausted dog on the street that looked like Bobby.

After his positive reaction, it turned out to be the missing dog.

Thanks to the people who sheltered him during the journey, they could reconstruct the complete route he crossed.

To see his family again, he crossed almost 2500 miles (4,000 kilometres) in six months.

He hiked across the Rocky Mountains mid-winter and was nicknamed “Bobby the Wonder Dog.”

He was the inspiration for the movie “Lassie Returns”.


By Peace Truth

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Yes, Ken you right there was a TV series. There are some updates in YouTube. I did read that the original filmmakers used many Lassies for the film. That film became history for all Animal Rights Groups Legislation. We appreciate your support 🙏

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