God By Any Other Name


In the Bible and other Religious Books – God has been given many names and l have learned to read and try to understand these teachings over many many years of ‘ My journey with God In My Heart ‘ – as l had read in the ‘ Beginning of My Teaching ‘ this immortal verse in the bible ‘ Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone But Every Word That Comes From God ‘ – today l want to say ‘ Embrace God ‘ by any other name and accept all that ‘ God Will Provide ‘ and it will be so by the ‘ Holy Word ‘ of every word that comes from God

So l say unto you – God Is Love & God Is The Word – has a deeper understanding than what people say l learned that ‘ God Moves In Mysterious Ways ‘ has that deeper meaning and let Me say this unto you today – If God Did Not Would We Try To Understand – of course not we need ‘ Step By Step ‘ – ‘ Word By Word ‘ to Understand – that ‘ Mysterious Ways ‘ allows God to ‘ Spoon-Feed ‘ the ‘ Children ‘ with just what they ‘ Need ‘ just like in the ‘ Garden of Eden ‘ l believe there was more…

But God Wanted Adam to Learn – God Wanted Understanding Of The Word – to enable – Following God Daily In Adam and in so doing We Would Know The Glory of the Holy Word and Know God By Any Other Name – accepting ‘ Every Word That Would Come From God by Kindness & Love in Peace & Truth


By ace101

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