Healing By The Word of God


Jesus (Iesu) came to the Earth to ‘ Heal People of There Sins ‘ thats ‘ How the Story Goes ‘ – but there are only 7 Deadly Sins – though l see that healing as removal of the ‘ Corruption of our Soul ‘ by the people corrupting the image of God and Jesus (Iesu) came to bring news of ‘ What Was To Come ‘ never did Jesus (Iesu) say – l have healed you – But that it is ‘ Your Faith Has Healed You ‘ and he was taken to those in Need who would need his Healing Word & Hands

When God came to Me many years ago in my Heart l was a ‘ Wreck ‘ and had many things wrong in my life and needed to be healed and having 🙏🙏 so long ago before for ‘ Someone to Love Me For Who l Am ‘when it happened – Healing began with having to be Healthy in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul – this took place over many more years – then one day – Wealthy in Knowledge in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul and finally the Wisdom of Understanding – First of myself and through that for others this takes time and God bringing people to me in need who were ‘ Poor in Heart ‘ like me and the healing continues

As the ‘ Wisdom ‘ of God provides more healing in me daily to understand and through me to understand the meaning of what caused all that ‘ Damaged In Me in The Beginning ‘ by following the wrong path until l started to ‘ Walk The Path of Righteousness ‘ for his ‘ Namesake ‘ who on that ‘ Fateful Day ‘ gave his Life to one day ‘ Save Us All ‘

This l believe totally as it happened in Me – Healing never stops but healing can be a ‘ Single Corrupted Word ‘ that can damage the soul and cause anyone in the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul as it is all the circle of Life provided by ‘ The Word of God ‘ through ‘ Kindness & Love ‘


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen