Healing Thy Heart & Soul


My healing of my heart began before l asked God to send someone to ‘ Love Me For Who l Am ‘ but my Question Today is who Am l – and my Answer is ‘ That Who You Say That l Am ‘ as Jesus (Iesu) said because people’s of this world it is just that simple ‘ No Label & No Name ‘ just I Am and that is just what we say in many ways in 🙏🙏’s daily

We ask God to send ‘ Love ‘ to our ‘ Family & Friends ‘ to people in ‘ Need Who Are Poor In Heart ‘ who would never ask for help and never have and just 🙏 every night and every day for someone else – they are what l call ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ and how do l know them because l was one of them and that helps me to ‘ Understand ‘ that ‘ Healing Thy Heart & Soul ‘ takes very very ‘ Special Healing ‘ a ‘ Step By Step Type of Healing ‘ only provide by God in the Heart of the Healer and in the Heart of that person that ‘ Gives All of Themselves to Others in Kindness & Love XX ‘ that is a person who l help to heal

It as l said takes time and time to make all that is become all that will be in them – to heal takes the only thought not being of you but of the person who you want to heal and most of all that only God in your Heart knows the second it will take place but once healed as it was in me that person, not You will never be ‘ Poor in Heart Ever Again ‘

So this day l say to those that give everything from their Heart – Do not fear you are on your own as God knows you as you are one of the ‘ Children of God ‘ and you will know that l come as l Am to those that are ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ to provide ‘ Help & Guidance ‘ forevermore and in so saying to ‘ Heal Thy Heart & Soul ‘ by the ‘ Love & Word of God ‘


By ace101

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