Amen 🙏

Amen 🙏

As the race becomes more intelligent and better educated we eliminate a multitude of conditions to which people formerly thought they were born, and that there was no escape from them.

Many evils which have been conquered by science and education were at one time regarded as scourges sent by God to punish us for our sins, to chasten us.

Diseases which struck terror to the hearts of human beings a hundred years ago, and from which they fled in horror, are not feared at all to-day.

Intelligence and science have mastered the great plagues which in the Middle and Dark Ages carried off their terrified victims by the million.

We have no fear of those plagues to-day, because we have obliterated their causes.

We know now that the prevention of those frightful epidemics is merely a matter of sanitation, scientific hygiene, intelligent, healthful living.

We know that they were scourges forged by ignorance and not “judgments” of God.

Amen 🙏

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