A typical example of those who keep themselves in the denial current is a woman I know who is constantly affirming her inability to better her condition.

She answers her better-off friends who tell her that she ought to have this and that by saying, “Oh, it is all very well for you rich folks to talk this way, but these things are not for me.

We have always been needy and I suppose we always shall be; we can only have the bare necessities of life and are fortunate if we get these.

Of course, I might indulge in a little treat for myself and the children now and then, but that would be extravagant, and I must save for a rainy day.

This woman limits her supply by her conviction that every cent she can spare must go to the rainy day fund because she is always going to be impoverished.

She assures herself and others that she is never going to have the things she would like to have, because of her poverty, and so she starves the lives of herself and her boy and girl in anticipating a day of possible want.

She is a type of a multitude of men and women who settle down to their shortcoming, become half reconciled to their limitations, and do not make a strenuous effort to get away from them.

That is, they never dream of exercising their creative, positive thought, but continue to live and to realize in their conditions the negative, destructive, deprivation thought.

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